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Vivian Silbiger, Ph.D.

Visiting Researcher

Dr. Vivian Silbiger graduated in Biomedicine (BS) from the Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes in 2005. She then obtained her doctorate for Pharmaceutical Clinical and Molecular Chemistry from the Universidade de Sao Paulo in 2010, with part of her doctoral studies dedicated to the Centro Nacional de Genotipado of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and the Bioinfomatics Institute of Principe Felipe, in Spain.
She worked with the murine model, testing a potential new drug that inhibits angiogenesis in cancer. She then practiced clinical chemistry doing diagnostic testing of dyslipidemia, liver and renal disease, and dyslipidemia. Vivian also applied such diagnostic testing to major viral diseases such as HIV, HCV and HBV, and also to paternity testing and genotyping of monogenic diseases.
Her doctoral studies at the Molecular Biology Laboratory were dedicated to the diagnoses of cardiovascular disease, which involved clinical chemistry, genetics and molecular science. She, with colleagues, discovered novel genes detected by transcriptional profiling from whole-blood cells in patients with early onset of acute coronary syndrome. After completing her doctoral studies, Vivian became a professor at the Universidade Federal de Rio Grande de Norte in 2010, where she was a principal investigator within the Molecular Biology Laboratory. Her latest research projects involve evaluating the gene expression (mRNA), genotype and epigenetics process (miRNA) by real time PCR of potential biomarkers of cardiovascular disease, atrial fibrillation, colorectal cancer and thyroid cancer.

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