Frazer LabDepartment of Pediatrics, Genome Information Sciences

Olivier Harismendy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Harismendy graduated with an M.S. in Process Engineering from ENSTA-ParisTech (France) and a joint MS in Microbiology from the Pasteur Institute and Paris 7 University. He obtained his PhD in Microbiology from the same university after studying RNA polymerase III transcriptional regu lation in yeast using ChIP-chip at Dr. Sentenac’s laboratory (CEA-Saclay, France). He then joined Dr. Edelman’s Department of Neurobiology at The Scripps Resear ch Institute (La Jolla, CA), where he developed ChIP-Seq approaches to study Neuron Restrictive Silencing Factor DNA binding in mouse developing brains.

Since 2007, Dr. Harismendy has been working in translational genomics, evaluating methods for targeted sequencing, exploring the role of regulatory variants in common diseases, and detecting and studying the role of somatic mutations in cancer. Currently, Dr. Harismendy is implementing a n Ultra Deep Targeted Sequencing assay to detect low-prevalence mutation in clinical samples, with the promise to provide a comprehensive personalized molecular profile of solid tumors. In addition to his functions at the Cancer Center, Dr. Harismendy is the associate director of the BioComputational Center at UCSD’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute, where he advises and supports the analysis o f genomic studies initiated by clinicians.

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